• P.A.D Warriors Tell All

    At The Way To My Heart's annual P.A.D. Warriors conference, P.A.D. Warriors shared their experiences and what patients, physicians, industry, and researchers need to know about this disease.

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    How PAD Warriors Got Their Life Back Despite P.A.D.

    WebMD shared the amazing stories of perseverance of three The Way To My Heart PAD Warriors.

    Save My Piggies

    A series hosted by Dr. John Phillips where patients share their stories and critical lessons to help others thrive.

    In this episode:

    "Kim" Says NO to a 2nd Amputation

    "If I were to do it all over again I wouldn't have settled for amputation. I would've gotten a second opinion."

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    How "Bonnie" Kicked Butt

    "My mother died in my arms at hospice due to lung cancer. On her dying bed she ask me to promise her that I would quit smoking and I made the promise. Little did I know that it would take me 20 years and 6 surgeries later to keep my promise to my mom...."

    Walking Out of CLTI

    In this discussion, A Canadian friend with P.A.D. shares her story of perseverance and pushing through the pain and walking her way to a natural bypass by growing collateral vessels with every step, she doesn't wish the journey on anyone. She impresses upon physicians the importance of listening to patients and not delaying treatment for lifestyle-limiting claudication and rest pain. Watch to the end as this inspiring woman, who thought she was only at the table to raise awareness of the experiences of CLTI Patients, gets the tables turned on her when a member of the physician panel provides a real-time revelation that could change her future.
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    Let's Talk About Sex ...and P.A.D.

    "There is no sex drive when it comes to P.A.D. But there is hope."

    How This 93-Year-Old Woman Prevented Amputation

    This P.A.D. Warriors son found The Way To My Heart through a good human at medical device company, CSI. Our team connected her with a limb saver who used advanced endovascular techniques to restore flow clear into her foot and our Nurse Practitioner provided wound care support. She is now healed and walking without pain.

  • P.A.D. Awareness Film of the Year

    "The Cut"

    by GE and award-winning global filmmaker Mikey Kay
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    "Patient Derrick & Wife Toni"

    Dr. Jihad Mustapha

    Dr. Theodosis Bisdas

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  • Patients Tell All

    How P.A.D. Warriors Persevere!
    Disclaimer: Patients Tell All is a series of real patients sharing their individual experiences. Individual results may vary, patient testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. This series is for educational purposes only and any advice offered is not a substitute for medical advice from your own supervising physician. Do not act on any information provided in this series without the explicit consent of your healthcare team.

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    Here's a patient point of view ( just me ) sometimes how I feel living with Peripheral Artery...
    Gary was young, with so much life ahead of him when he made his transition following a long...
    Hi, my name is Paula! Last October my mom was in Connecticut renovating one of her properties and...
    How do you explain P.A.D. to your family and friends to help them understand? Imagine the...
    I've been a Nurse Practitioner for more than 40 years. And until four years ago I never would've...
  • The Heart of Innovation's "Patients Tell All"

    Video and Audio series where patients raise their voice to help others through their experiences!

    "I'm so lucky to have sought a second opinion....

    ...through The Way To My Heart and found an advanced skilled vascular specialist! He sees us as partners for life. And he’s committed to help me continue to stand on TWO feet.

    If I could do it all over again, I would’ve contacted The Way To My Heart sooner to find out all of my options and learn how to select the most advanced vascular specialist before any procedure…But I can’t go back. And I’m O.K. with that…. because I know that, just my teeth, my arteries are now just part of my body maintenance routine…as I continue to pursue a better quality of life while living with P.A.D."

    How Sheriff John Prevented Amputation

    "What has kept me motivated was noticing that the harder I worked, the more enjoyable my life became. My workouts have now accelerated to lifting weights six days a week. I also do heavy bag training, jump rope, farmer carries (an exercise), and walking (of course!). My fiancé and I also do what we call "feel good" workouts, which DO NOT FEEL GOOD!! LOL! It's weight lifting with light weights and cardio incorporated into it. But I am rolling into 2022 feeling better than I have in years. I am still blessed with both legs. I have my job as a sheriff's deputy!"

    A Hard Lesson: I'm Not Indestructible

    Steve, a military veteran never thought anything could bring him down. Then suddenly he found himself having a heart attack. When that was managed, suddenly his legs started giving out.