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    Share your symptoms with someone who will listen

    Learn how to express you symptoms effectively to get action

    Understand what diagnosis and treatment options are available for Peripheral Artery Disease


    Get help finding a P.A.D. doctor

    Learn the critical skills necessary to diagnose & treat PAD

    Understand which doctors offer which treatment (Interventional/Bypass/Amputation)

    Access an exclusive list of highly skilled PAD-focused doctors known as "Pedal Specialists."


    Get support preparing for appointments!

    Learn critical questions to ask your doctor

    Find out what tests to request

    Learn about all available treatment options


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    Conference us in via phone or video.

    Ensure your concerns are heard and understood

    Documentation of your discussion for follow-up


    Get appointment follow-up!

    Appointment debrief with patient only and/or family/friends.

    Education on diagnosis and treatment options

    Strategy of next steps


    Get compliance support!

    Lifestyle modification strategy

    Connection to our wellness team (diet, exercise, smoking cessation)

    Daily walking motivation and accountability


    Disclaimer: We do not offer medical advice. We offer extensive experience in the vascular field and can provide you with information about Peripheral Artery Disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and long-term management options to discuss with your healthcare provider. We also provide real-time support in complying with your physician's orders for lifestyle modifications. If you don't have a vascular specialist, we can provide you with a set of critical questions to use in deciding the best specialist for you as well as a list of vascular specialists who are trained in advanced minimally invasive tools and techniques.

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    •  Get help understanding your medical bills & negotiating costs
    •  Get help understanding your insurance benefits and comparing coverage options
    •  Get help paying for care & medications.

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    Overall Financial Support:

    • Hospital Bill Understanding & Negotiation
    • Questions about Insurance Benefits/Options
    • Access to other financial resources


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  • Do You Need Community & Peer Support 

    Join a variety of Facebook groups, global & local, to talk to other Friends with PAD.

    (All groups are monitored real-time by highly vetted medical professionals to prevent bullying & misinformation)

    • Learn new diagnosis & treatment options
    • Share your experience or vent
    • Read about experiences from friends with PAD around the world or nearby
    • Seek feedback from other friends with PAD & Medical Professionals
    • Get motivation and accountibility for lifestyle modifications from friends with PAD & our Wellness Team

  • Participate in PAD Research

    We continue to get research opportunities of interest to patients that we can pass along.

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    Get Help With Emergency Connections!

    Learn more about Lifeline, a federal program that lowers the monthly cost of phone or internet service. It's important that PAD Warriors always have real-time access to cell phone and internet services. If you need financial assistance, apply for the federal Lifeline program.