• How To Walk Handbook

    A P.A.D. Warrior's guide to growing a "natural bypass" to reroute blood flow.

  • Highways And Detours

    Walking As Medicine for PAD

    Help your patients create their own 'natural bypass' to restore bloodflow!

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    When you tell your patients, "Walking is the best medicine" for treating P.A.D., offer them our FREE walking program!


    My Steps Walking Program Benefits


    Multiple platform options & no co-pay, creating equal access to all patients globally

    Reimbursementavailable for Clinics if designated 12-Week Program with regular televisits (Reimbursementfor televisits)


    Long-term participation beyond 12-week initial program


    Clinics have their own dashboard to monitor all patients and export data into EMR systems or send to insurance companies to demonstrate patient need for intervention/surgery

    Clinics have all data at theirfingertips for all patients for research purposes

    Peer support and comradery

    Free to patients and physicians


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