• About "The Way To My Heart"

    OUR MISSION is to educate, engage, & empower patients to take responsibility for their healthcare so they live a better quality of life.


    OUR PROGRAMS provide real-time, scalable, advocacy and support for patients with our wellness team that includes a nurse, physical therapist, fitness coach, certified health coach, Internal Medicine/Functional Medicine Doctor (specializing in nutrition/diet), Pharmacist, and stress reduction coach. Our programs and available resources lead to earlier testing/diagnosis, more productive & satisfying conversations between patients and physicians, and long-term adherence to lifestyle modifications.


    OUR PURPOSE is to reduce the 1.5 million heart attacks and strokes each year, 200,000 amputations annually, and deadly comorbidity complications due to viruses.


    YOUR SUPPORT helps us bridge that gap between diagnosis, treatment, and compliance TOGETHER. We are funded through donations from physicians, industry, and individuals. Donate now.

    We are a federal tax exempt 501(c)(3) incorporated in California, EIN: 84-3065768.

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  • Meet the Founder!

    Emmy Award-winning Journalist Kym McNicholas

    Kym started The Way To My Heart after covering a story in which she was not satisfied with the ending. The story began with travel around the world over the last five years to ten countries and more than two dozen States to cover, as a journalist, the FDA Clearance process & global commercialization of what some told her could be a game-changing device in unblocking arteries.


    During her journey, Kym observed thousands of hours of procedures in which Vascular Specialists used multiple methods to unblock arteries in legs and heart, interviewed hundreds of doctors and patients, and met with dozens of medical device-makers, as well as hospital and Office-Based Lab/Ambulatory Surgery Center administrators.


    Through that experience she discovered many heart attacks, strokes, and amputations are preventable. A big problem is that innovation in healthcare is moving at the speed of light and patients as well as doctors are quickly falling behind. That's when she decided to bridge that gap by educating, engaging, and empowering patients to take their healthcare into their own hands.


    Kym's life purpose is saving life & limb.


    Email Kym: Kym@TheWayToMyHeart.org

  • Meet our Advisors!

    Medical & Scientific Advisory Board

    Senior Physician Advisor

    Dr. Lorenzo Patrone

    Consultant Interventional Radiologist

    "2020 Vascular Specialist of the Year"

    Physician Advisor

    Dr. Athar Ansari

    Interventional Cardiologist

    "2020 Leg Saver Award" Winner

    Physician Advisor

    Dr. James Antezana

    Vascular Surgeon

    Physician Advisor

    Dr. John Rundback

    Interventional Radiologist


    Physician Advisor

    Dr. Anahita Dua

    Vascular Surgeon


    Physician Advisor

    Dr. Sid Rao

    Interventional Cardiologist

    Physician Advisor

    Dr. Ashish Gupta

    Interventional Cardiologist

    "2020 Patient Champion"

    Physician Advisor

    Dr. Zola N'Dandu

    Interventional Cardiologist


    Clinician Advisor

    Kay Smith

    Nurse Practitioner

    Board Certified Wound Care Specialist

    Physician Advisor

    Dr. Stacia Jones


    Physician Advisor

    Dr. Avni Kardani


    Physician Advisor

    Dr. Antonio Webb

    Spine Surgeon

    www.spinaldoc.com www.antoniowebbmd.com

    Chief Wellness Doctor

    Dr. Adriane Hines

    Internal Medicine

    Board Certified in Functional Medicine & Aging

    Clincal Trials Advisor

    Heather Andrews

    Director of Business Development

    Aperio Clinical Outcomes

    Healthcare Policy Advisor

    Kathryn Faull

    Wellness Advisory Board

    Advisory Board Chair

    Coach Susan


    Growing Healthy Eats

    Heather Andrews


    Physical Therapy

    Marci Silverberg, MPT


    Food Access Support

    Kathryn Faull


    Sarah Brandow


    The Eden Project Belize

  • P.A.D. Warriors Task Force

    Advisory Board Chair


    Advisory Board Member


    Advisory Board Member


    Advisory Board Member


    Advisory Board Co-Chair


    Advisory Board Member


    Advisory Board Member


    Advisory Board Members

    Toni & Derrick

    Advisory Board Member

    "Chef" Sara

    Advisory Board Member


  • Meet our Partners!

    Jani Tuomi



    Sarah Brandow



    "Patients As Partners"

    The Patients as Partners program brings all stakeholders to the table to expedite innovation around the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and long-term management options. That includes patients, the most important voice in shaping programs, products, and best practices designed to improve patient outcomes.

    The Heart of Innovation "Vascular Spotlight" Series

    A weekly seriers highlighting the biggest trends & innovation around the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and long-term management of vascular disease.

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