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    "The Way To My Heart" educates, engages, and empowers patients to take their healthcare into their own hands. We offer advocacy & support for patients around the world. We have programs designed to bridge the communication gap between medical staff & patients, improve access to critical resources for patients in low socioeconomic areas, increase compliance with lifestyle modifications to help patients live a better quality of life, and reduce the number of heart attacks, strokes, aneurysm ruptures/dissections, and amputations. We have multiple ways in which you can lend your support! While we always appreciate general monetary donations to support all of our programs, we also appreciate specific donations for individual patients in need of critical blood work, healthy food, pre & post-surgical support, as well as lifestyle modification assistance. Every little bit helps! Thank you so much for your support! All donations are tax deductible! "The Way To My Heart" is a federal tax exempt 501(c)(3) EIN: 84-3065768

    Donate: Help The Way To My Heart Reduce Heart Attacks, Strokes & Amputation

    Donate: Help The Way To My Heart Reduce Heart Attacks, Strokes & Amputation

    $10.00 - $10,000.00
    Our mission is to democratize healthcare by educating, engaging, & empowering patients to take responsibility for their healthcare so they live a better quality of life. Outreach is through the Internet, caregivers, religious functions, retirement settings, corporate partnerships, and medical centers. We provide real-time, scalable, advocacy and support for patients with our wellness team. Your donation helps us save life & limb! Your donations are not used for overhead. Each penny goes directly to provide education, high-touch advocacy, and real-time support for patients. Donate to help patients with Peripheral Artery Disease patients, or to help patients at-risk of and with aneurysms in memory of our founder, Kym's mom, Marilyn Lou Baum McNicholas. Kym's mom passed unexpectedly when her physicians brushed off symptoms of a growing aneurysm. If the amount you see isn't designated, our system will allow you to customize using 'quantity' of each donation. If you want regular updates on how donations are used and their impact, please let us know in our notes section of your order. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to save life & limb.
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