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    Peripheral Artery Disease Diet Handbook

    This is a great resource and workbook to help patients actively become a partner in their care.

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    How To Walk Handbook

    This is a great resource that explains in detail the most effective way to walk in order to grow a 'natural bypass.' It includes walk tracking sheets. You can download a copy to print at your office or email kym@thewaytomyheart.org for hard copies.

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    Heart Disease Handbook

    This handbook is designed to educate patients on the relationship between PAD and CAD and the importance of talking to the doctor about leg and heart symptoms.

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    Mental Health Handbook

    When diagnosed with a chronic illness such as PAD, it can weigh heavily on someone's mental health. Request a copy of this resource for your practice to help patients learn ways to cope.

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    PAD Explaination Brochure

    This is a great resource to keep in your waiting room and handout to new PAD patients to help them understand the disease, what may be causing it, where they are in their journey, and how to stall progression.