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The Way To My Heart is Recognized for Exemplary Peer Patient Group Management

New White Paper shares best practices for social media healthcare groups

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🌟 Exciting News! 🌟

I am thrilled to share a groundbreaking white paper on social media healthcare groups by Dr. Kevin Morgan, a renowned veterinary pathologist, PAD and aortic aneurysm patient, 80-year-old triathlete, and owner of Old Dogs in Training, LLC. The white paper, titled "Improving Patient Guidance in Open Online Health Forums," delves into the vital role of peer experts and physicians in online health forums.


🔍 Key Highlights:

The white paper emphasizes the valuable role of peer experts in bridging the gap between patients and physicians, offering insights and support based on personal experiences and expertise.

It addresses the advantages and risks of open patient forums on social media sites, shedding light on the potential for improving patient care, education, and public health programs, while also highlighting the risks of poor-quality information and breaches of patient privacy.

Dr. Morgan presents solutions for monitoring peer experts, such as improved communication between physicians and online health forum peer experts, and the importance of peer expert certification and training.


👏 Recognition for The Way To My Heart:

I am proud to announce that The Way To My Heart has been cited as an exemplary model of a social media healthcare group in Dr. Morgan's white paper. Our commitment to fostering a supportive and informed community aligns with the best practices advocated in the white paper. The culture of this group is credited to admin Michelle Villarreal, Moderator Laura Cary, PAD Warrior Task Force Co-Chief Douglas Salisbury, all of our PAD Warrior Advisors, and the many incredibly engaged patient peers who are group members and committed to unconditional love and shsupport for one another. Every member plays an integral role in helping to save life and limb. To ensure we are providing support that is aligned with evidence-based healthcare practices, a multidisciplinary team of physicians, clinicians, and healthcare experts monitor all conversations and guide our team. They include Dr. Ashish Gupta, Dr. David Alper, Dr. James Antezana, Dr. Fadi Saab, Dr. Jay Mathews, Dr. Kumar Madassery, Dr. Jamie Herrington, Dr. Pravin Narkhede, Dr. Lorenzo Patrone, Dr. Bella Huassen, Stress Expert and Performance Coach Susan Davis, and Nutrigenomics and Nutritional Coach Steph Vukovich. If you are a patient and want to join that community, join HERE! If you are a physician or clinician who wants to volunteer to help us facilitate productive, healthy conversations amongst patient peers, email me at


🌐 About Dr. Kevin Morgan:

Dr. Morgan's extensive expertise as a phD, patient, Ironman triathlete, healthcare author and blogger, and active involvement in various health forums, including the Facebook forum "Living With An Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm," demonstrate his dedication to promoting fitness and well-being.


📚 References:

The white paper draws from a comprehensive range of references, including ACOG Clinical Opinion, insights on patient needs in radiology reports, and studies on the incorporation of lifestyle medicine into primary care practice.


📧 Connect with Dr. Kevin Morgan:

For further insights and inquiries, Dr. Morgan can be reached at and through his websites. wcMake sure to subscribe to his insightful newsletter and heck out his books at

I encourage you to read the full white paper for valuable insights into the evolving landscape of online health forums and the pivotal role of peer experts in patient guidance. Let's continue to prioritize meaningful and informed interactions in the digital healthcare space! 💬🌐

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