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    Help raise awareness for the nearly 4 million unadopted dogs in the world that could help to prevent and slow the progression of P.A.D...if only 

    they could find a new walking companion!

    Peripheral Artery Disease (P.A.D.) is restricted blood flow in the legs due to plaque build-up.

    * 3 in 5 heart attack sufferers have it

    * 1 in 3 diabetics over age 50 has it

    * 1 in 5 over age 60 has it

    Leg pain, leg cramps, neuropathy, skin discoloration, cold feet, and non-healing wounds are some of the symptoms.

    Walking is the best medicine to prevent & treat P.A.D.

    A study in the journal BMC Public Health, showed that dog owners on average walked 22 minutes more per day compared to people who didn't own a dog. And there are plenty of dogs in this world who would love a walking buddy!

    That is the foundation for PAWS for PAD!

  • Let's Walk Together!

    We are teaming up with the Society for Vascular Surgery Foundation to raise awareness for P.A.D and the 4 million unadopted dogs who would be great PAD walking companions.


    We are competing the entire month of September as The Way To My Heart's PAD Warrior Team against vascular specialist, clinician, and industry teams across the country for bragging rights!


    Let's show them how we PAWS for PAD!


    Here's how it works!

    Walk! Walk! Walk! Together, we will walk to reach 4 million steps as a team!

    Participants are encouraged to just get out and walk every single day whether you have a dog or not!


    You don't need to have a dog to participate! But if you want to adopt one, you are entered into a raffle for a doggie prize package!


    If you have a dog, walk your dog!


    You might even borrow a dog!


    Volunteer with a local shelter to walk a dog on property as you rack up your steps.


    or just enjoy capturing and sharing pictures of the dogs you meet along your walk!

    Post! Post! Post! Let's raise awareness to save a life & save a limb!

    Participate in our #PAWSforPAD social media challenge to raise awareness and earn more rewards!

    • Use the hashtag to post as many pictures with your furry walking companion as you can with every step you take!
    • Use the hashtag to share pictures of dogs that are available for adoption in your area who can't wait to find a new walking companion! (If you can't get to a shelter, many have online listings of available pets to share!)
    • Use the hashtag to share pictures of the best walking companions you simply see along your walk each day!!!

    Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

    Those who adopt, will be entered into a drawing for doggie bags filled with goodies!


    Awards will be provided for steps taken, steps improvement, creativity on social media using the hashtag #PAWSforPAD


    Awards include trophies, medals, certificates, PAWS for PAD Tshirts, dog bandanas, arm/foot cycle, and other pet goodies.

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    Let's walk together to save a life and save a limb!