• The Way To My Heart Presents...

    My Steps PAD Treatment Program

    ...with Performance Coach Susan Davis

    My Steps PAD Treatment Program is a comprehensive compliance program. We have both formal and informal options that include individualized and group support. The 16-week formal program must be requested by and supported by your physician. The informal program is designed for long-term adherence to lifestyle modifications, offering real-time free support from our wellness team with Q&A about what your healthcare team has already prescribed in terms of diet, exercise, stress reduction, and smoking cessation. We help you reach your goals! See some samples of our exercise and stress reduction programs below.

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    Disclaimer: The My Steps PAD Treatment Program, including video assets below, utilizes clinically proven techniques, but it's not a clinically proven program. Always check with your healthcare provider before starting any new healthcare program, including the My Steps Program, as well as before using the exercises and meditations offered in the videos below, which are samples of the My Steps Program. Also, check with your healthcare provider before taking any advice offered by The Way To My Heart's wellness team to ensure it's right for you.

    Susan Davis is a performance coach available to a network of more than 3,000 Peripheral Artery Disease patients around the world. For almost two years she's been offering exercise routines LIVE via webinar three times per week designed to increase blood flow, improve claudication, and reduce pain. Guided workouts include modifications for iliac stenting, popliteal stenting, amputations, and more. Coach Susan also provides guided meditations, yoga, and breathing techniques to increase oxygen in the blood and reduce inflammation causing stress and anxiety. Her work with PAD patients extends beyond digital into the outpatient facility, leading waiting rooms filled with patients awaiting their appointments in Chair Yoga and anti-anxiety breathing techniques. She also provdes spiritual and energy guidance creating a strong, healthy mind-body connection that creates a calmness and healing mindset for patients going in for their angiograms. Plus, she provides 1:1 guided meditations to help older PAD patients increase oxygen flow to improve memory and has worked with patients to quit smoking.


    A life long student & teacher of Holistic Practices and Energy Medicine. Susan has been contracted with the US Olympic Ice Skating Team for strategies and practices to improve performance and has taught reintegration to Veterans returning from war. Her private practice supports clients in strategies and practices to improve athletic performance, eliminating harmful patterns of behavior, creating a vision or renew the "why" of someone's life purpose, and more.

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    Small Life-Changing Daily Habits That Will Make A Big Difference

    When you wake up...and before bed.

    Learn these simple routines and try them before you get out of bed in the morning...

    and before you jump into bed at night.

    Awaken Your Body Each Morning

    Relax Body Each Night Before Bed

    What fitness level are you? Take the 6-Minute Walking Assessment!

    Take note of the onset of any leg pain or cramping and see if you can take a few more steps.

    When you aren't sure how many more steps you can take, write down the lapsed time.

    See how much you can improve each week!

    LEVEL 1 Weekly Video Exercise Program

    Designed to increase circulation and heart rate for those with limited mobility (wheelchair bound, walker, light standing).

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    LEVEL 1(A) Upper Body Workout

    Designed to increase circulation and heart rate for those with limited mobility (amputees).

    Level 2

    Designed to increase circulation and heart rate for those with mild Claudication, 20-minute Marching/Chair Yoga 5x Weekly

    Level 3

    Designed to increase circulation and heart rate for more advanced patients able to push through 30-minutes.

    Daily Stress Reduction Exercises

    Pathway To Peace

    ...Before bed

    Autogenics Training

    ...3x per week before bed.

    3 Minute Meditation

    ...3 times per day

    Extended Stress Reduction Exercises

    Ocean Breaths

    ...anytime you feel anxious