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  • 2020 AGENDA

      8:05am PT/11:05am ET: KEYNOTE: Dr. Raj Dave - My Journey of Limb Salvage for Two Decades

      8:25am PT/11:25am ET: KEYNOTE: Mary Yost - Why Amputation is Bad for Patients & Economy

      8:40am PT/11:40am ET: KEYNOTE: Dr. Lorenzo Patrone - Is your limb salvageable?

      9:30am PT/12/30pm ET: No Vessel Too Small: The Skill All "CLI Fighters" Should Have

      9:45am PT/12:45pm ET: Scary, Scary Blood Clots! Challenges Associated With PAD

      10:00am PT/1:00pm ET: Why Vascular Surgeons Are Advancing Their Interventional Skillsets

      10:15am PT/1:15pm ET: Better Care...Way Out There! Advanced Care In Rural America!

      10:30am PT/1:30pm ET: Creating a Complete Care Team For Success: Healing Diabetic Ulcers

      10:45am PT/1:45pm ET: Goodbye Dr. Google; Hello Strategic Research: Finding Clinical Trials 

      11:00am PT/2:00pm ET: Know Your Rights: From Health Records to Insurance!

      11:15am PT/2:15pm ET: KEYNOTE: Tayo Irvine Hendrix - Fear to Faith: Facing fear of diagnosis

      11:30am PT/2:30pm ET: How Stress Leads to Plaque Build-up & what you can do about it

      11:45am PT/2:45pm ET: Just 10 Minutes Per Day To Better Circulation

      12:00pm PT/3:00pm ET: I have PAD...and yet my cholesterol is normal? How is that possible?

      12:15pm PT/3:15pm ET: Fact or Fiction: The Scoop on Vascular Supplements

      12:30pm PT/3:30pm ET: How Vegan Food Can Be Delicious & Satisfying Sponsored by: VitaBowl

      12:45pm PT/3:45pm ET: PAD Pain Panel: Is There Any Relief? Sponsored by: Vascular Institute

      1:15pm PT/4:15pm ET: KEYNOTE: Kevin Morgan - I have PAD & Persevered...You Can, Too!

      1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET: Patient Success Stories!

      1:55pm PT/4:55pm ET: PAD Patient Walk Awards Sponsored by HD Medical Group & Vitabowl

      2:00pm PT/5:00pm ET: PAD Innovator Spotlight


      Keynote Speakers

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      My Journey of Limb Salvage for Two Decades

      Dr. Rajesh Dave, MD, FACC, FSCAI

      Rajesh Dave, MD, is an interventional cardiologist and chief of Cardiology for the Geisinger Heart Institute in the South-Central Region, operating out of the Ortenzio Heart Center at Geisinger Holy Spirit. Dr. Dave is also the Founder/CEO of Interventional Academy, which provides the best in a global exchange of scientific research, techniques, technologies, and enhanced patient care through education, discussion and analyses of best practices. IA puts on the annual Interventional Cardiology C3 Conference.


      To learn more: https://www.interventionalacademy.com/


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      Why Amputation is Bad for Patients & Economy

      Mary Yost

      President & Senior Analyst

      The Sage Group

      Mary Yost is the go-to for doctors and industry on the scale and impact of Peripheral Artery Disease & Venous Disease. And for the first time ever she is bringing her breadth and depth of knowledge direct to patients.Ms. Yost has been committed to raising awareness about vascular diseases for the last 18 years hoping her work would help save life & limb. She left a successful career as a  Wall Street medical device analyst and co-founded The Sage Group, now the leader in PAD research & consulting. Ms. Yost developed the Diabetes Method, a population-based projection model, which is believed to provide the most accurate estimates of the number of people with PAD as well as CLI, intermittent claudication (IC) and asymptomatic disease. To date the Diabetes Method has been employed to estimate PAD in the U.S., Western Europe, China, Japan, India, Mexico and South America.


      CLICK HERE to learn more about research available by The Sage Group.

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      Is your limb salvageable? 90% can be saved!

      The determining factors a 'CLI Fighter' uses to restore blood flow and prevent amputation.

      Dr. Lorenzo Patrone

      Consultant Vascular Interventional Radiologist

      West London Vascular & Interventional Centre

      Dr. Lorenzo Patrone will share critical information you don't want to miss. Get ready to take notes on questions you must ask your doctor before ANY invasive procedure. Following his 15 minute presentation, he will invite other physicians to join him to discuss patient cases in real-time so you can see for yourself how different doctors have different approaches, different techniques and different tools to solve the same problem. Knowing your options could save your life & limb.

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      Turning Fear Into Faith

      How to face fear of diagnosis and get past it to start feeling better.

      Tayo Hendrix

      For 25 years, Tayo has been developing a unique style of healing. The TAYO Method Program works by treating clients from the roots by tapping into their authentic organic algorithm. Tayo believes this was her purpose in life. A shaman does not choose to be a shaman. The path they walk is chosen long before they get there.


      To learn more: https://tayohealing.com/

      Healer | Artist | Musician Tayo Irvine Hendrix


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      Better Care...Way Out There! Advanced Skill In Rural America!

      Dr. Athar Ansari

      California Heart & Vascular Clinic

      El Centro, California

      Dr. Athar Ansari recently published the largest study of endovascular procedure safety in a rural area. For the first time he will discuss the results LIVE. "Endovascular procedures for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) have become increasingly common in outpatient settings; their safety is yet to be determined in a rural, underserved area with no stand-by vascular surgeon on site." The study aimed "to investigate the safety of endovascular procedures undertaken in a single outpatient center located in a rural, underserved area."


      Read the full study here: Safety of day-case endovascular interventions for peripheral arterial disease in a rural, underserved area

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      Vascular Surgeon AND Interventional Specialist

      Why a traditionally trained surgeon advanced learning to make minimally-invasive procedures a priority over invasive bypasses and amputations.

      Dr. James Antezana

      Dr. James Antezana earned his Doctorate in Medicine at the University of San Simon Faculty of Medicine in Bolivia before completing a surgical internship at a Yale University-affiliated program at St. Mary’s Hospital in Connecticut. Following the internship, he completed his general surgery residency at Mercy Catholic Medical Center in Philadelphia, a program affiliated with Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania. With tenacious dedication, Dr. Antezana then moved to Columbia, Missouri, to complete his vascular surgery fellowship at the University of Missouri Hospitals and Clinics.


      To learn more: https://www.scgvs.com/

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      No Vessel Too Small: The Skill All "CLI Fighters" Should Have

      Physicians use the excuse that a patient's vessels are too small to treat or it's too radical to revascularize (clear blockages) the foot. But "CLI Fighters" who are trained in limb salvage have the ability to revascularize the pedal loop.

      Dr. Kirk Mincus

      Dr. Minkus shows proof that it's possible for a trained technician to restore flow to the toes with a critical skill of revascularizing the pedal loop. He and his associates recently published cases studies to determine the efficacy of various devices to navigate small vessels in the feet and restore blood flow.


      Read Case Study to Learn More : Cath Lab Digest

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      Scary, Scary Blood Clots!

      Challenges Associated With PAD

      What you must discuss with your doctor to reduce your risk of clots.

      Dr. Eduardo Ramacciotti, MD & PhD

      Head of Vascular Surgery

      Hospital e Maternidade Dr. Cristovao da Gama SA

      Dr. Ramacciotti is a professor of vascular and endovascular surgery at Santa Casa School of Medicine, São Paulo, Brazil. He is also a visiting professor at the Loyola University Medical Center (Chicago, USA) with the affiliation of the Departments of Pathology and Pharmacology. He has extensive expertise in the cardiovascular area, focus on thrombosis, hemostasis, peripheral artery diseases, and drug development. His strong publication background includes 95 major papers published, 4 book chapters, major oral presentations in medical international meetings. He has given more than 400 lectures on thrombosis worldwide. We may also get him to discuss a recent pilot trial about Cocoa, which is rich in flavanols, and how it may improve walking performance in patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD).


      Learn more about Dr. Ramacciotti

      Connecting PAD & Diabetic Foot Ulcers To Avoid Serious Complications

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      Creating a Complete Care Team For Success

      Dr. Ashish Gupta

      Interventional Cardiologist

      Floriday Cardiology

      According to the SAGE Group, PAD affects 2 to 3.7 million Americans with diabetic foot ulcers. Dr. Ashish Gupta and podiatrists discuss the critical seamless relationship a patient must have between their Interventional Cardiologist and Podiatrist in order to ensure proper blood flow restoration and effective follow-up therapies for healing.

      PAD Pain Panel: Is There Any Relief?

      Sponsored by:

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      Critical Limb Ischemia and Endovascular Interventions

      Dr. Murthy Chamarthy

      Interventional Cardiologist

      Vascular Institute

      In a recent poll of more than 1,000 patients, debilitating pain was the #1 complaint when it comes to Peripheral Artery Disease. It takes strength to push through the pain to even walk across the kitchen at times. Dr. Murthy Chamarthy, MD will lead a discussion with multiple doctors about the level of pain that requires intervention, pain drugs and their side effects, and natural therapies that offer some pain relief.

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      Understanding Pain Medications

      Dr. Avni Kardani

      Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

      Veterans' Affairs Medical Center

      Goodbye Google, Hello Strategic Research

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      How To Find and Understand Clinical Trials & Results

      Heather Andrews

      Director of Business Development

      Aperio Clinical Outcomes


      • What are the most reliable sources for research clinical studies
      • How to determine if a clinical study is reliable
      • How to tell who's sponsoring the study and if that affects outcomes
      • How to analyze the patient selection to determine if it's representative of patients like 'me.'
      • What new studies are available for PAD and key learnings
      Email: Heather.Andrews@AperioClinical.com
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      Know Your Rights: From Health Records to Insurance!

      Caitlin Donovan


      Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF)

      National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF)


      The Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) provides case management services and financial aid to Americans with chronic, life-threatening, and debilitating illnesses, including Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). The National Patient Advocate Foundation advocates for patients for better policy on Capital Hill. Spokesperson Caitlin Donovan has been quoted in the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and other national media promoting systemic change as well as providing tips for dealing with medical bills. She is here with some critical health hacks to help your own best advocate!


      CLICK HERE if you need a case manager to help navigate your overall care, including insurance, learning how to understand your medication formulary, and more?


      Wellness Track KEYNOTE: Tayo Hendrix

      Followed by:

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      How Stress Leads to Plaque Build-up & what you can do about it.

      Susan Davis

      Performance Coach


      Susan Davis has traveled the world as a performance coach working with the U.S. Olympic Women's Ice Skating team as well as some of the Silicon Valley's most innovative entrepreneurs and top journalists to restore balance in their mind & body resulting in a healing mindset that increases performance. During this session she will candidly explain the mechanism of action by which stress directly leads to chronic illness & steps you can take now to stop the progression.


      Try her clinically proven Autogenics Training session before bed for 7 nights:


      I have PAD...and yet my cholesterol is normal?


      Sponsored by:

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      40% of people who suffer from vascular diseases have normal cholesterol in a basic lipid panel. So, how do you get a better picture of your vascular health if your doctor isn't giving you answers? Take your health into your own hands. Imaware.health's co-founder Jani Tuomi and Well Spring Natural Medicine's Internal Medicine & Function Medicine Practitioner Dr. Adriane Hines share some blood work to discuss with your doctor or you can order yourself to do at home.

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      Fact or Fiction: The Scoop On Vascular Supplements

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      From Red Rice Yeast to K2 MK-7 and more...

      Dr. Adriane Hines

      Internal Medicine/Functional Medicine Practitioner


      The second most asked patient question pertains to supplements. So many supplement companies make claims and taking supplements based on an advertisement or simply because another patient is doing so is not good for your health. Dr. Adriane Hines discusses the supplements she's asked most about. She'll go over what they are, what they do, and why they're thought to help with different aspects of vascular health. She'll also talk about the dangers. You'll also learn critical questions to ask your doctor to help you determine what's right for you.


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      Patient Advocate Michelle Branch Villareal facilitating the most frequently asked patient questions about supplements to ask Dr. Hines.

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      How Eating Vegan Can Be Delicious and Satisfying

      Sarah Brandow



      Let's Get Moving And Increase Circulation!

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      Just 10 Minutes Per Day To Better Circulation

      Marci Silverberg, MPT


      Marci Silverberg, MPT works with patients for a variety of ailments and consistent across her client-based of patients over 60 is 'poor circulation,' known as Peripheral Artery Disease. She will share simple exercises you can do every day to help improve circulation to delay intervention or to help maintain patency longer. For this session, we urge all viewers to join and do the exercises along with us and ask questions that arise real-time. Always check with your doctor, however, before performing exercises in this segment. Talk with your care team about your exercise parameters, especially limitations prior to this conference so that you can participate LIVE.

      Patient-To-Patient: Stories of Perseverance

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      Patient Advocate & Moderator

      Doug Fugate

      Doug Fugate supports patients around the world with Peripheral Artery Disease through multiple communities. His approach to managing PAD and how he helps others to rise despite painful symptoms is inspirational. He will introduce you to several patients who have incredible stories of perseverance and how you can find hope again as well as the strength to live a better quality of life with PAD.

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      Keynote: How to Train Your Mind & Body To Persevere with PAD

      Kevin Morgan

      Author & PAD Patient

      Fit Old Dog Founder, Author, and PAD Patient Kevin Morgan shares his story of perseverance with one of the most debilitating chronic illnesses. Not only will his efforts inspire you but he will share how you can find the same success!

      CLICK on the links below to order his books & get his newsletter:

      Train for Aging

      Stay Fit And Active Into Old Age With Fit Old Dog

      Click Here To Sign up for his newsletter here

      2019 Line-up of Speakers:


      Meet Dr. Lorenzo Patrone


      8am Pacific

      10am Central

      11am Eastern

      4pm GMT

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      Saturday, Dec 21st @ 8am PT, 10am CT, 11am ET, 4pm BST

      "Settling For ONLY

      What's POSSIBLE"

      Dr. Lorenzo Patrone says, "No to amputations." He makes what others say is IMPOSSIBLE, actually POSSIBLE.


      He'll demonstrate why it's important to always get a second opinion when a doctor tells you that bypass or amputation are the only options.


      Every doctor has different philosophies, approaches, techniques, and tools that limit their ability to treat an individual patient, whether it's a well-known University or other large tertiary center or a small outpatient facility. His examples will inspire you to take your healthcare into your own hands and find a treatment option that feels right for you.


      Join us LIVE as Dr. Patrone shares multiple cases in which he made the impossible, possible.


      What's the difference between the two? What are the symptoms of each? If I have one, do I likely have the other? Why should I be checked for both? What are the diagnostic & treatment options?

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      Why getting not just a second opinion, but a second treatment outside your network could save your life/limb.

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      Step-by-step guidance through a basic endovascular procedure to diagnose and treat artery blockages. From balloons and stents to atherectomy & closure devices, what to expect when you get on the table under Xray.

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      Step-by-step guidance through the FDA's website and learn how to research the technology your doctor is using on you!

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      Understanding what triggers a body's inflammatory response, how to get to what's triggering yours, and suggestions on how to modify diet to reduce it to slow the progression of disease and possible reverse what ails you. Wellness Expert and Author Neil Cannon is sharing his book FREE with attendees. Download it at www.vitalitysecret.com/book

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      Specific blood tests you can request to find out what's damaging your arteries, whether it's purely inflammation, and/or glucose resistance, a genetic issue such as with MTHFR, high cholesterol absorption, etc. Also, find out why it's important to ask your doctor for an Advanced Lipid Panel. And get some ideas on how to how you can modify your lifestyle to reduce disease progression.

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      Moderating the discussion with our team

      of experts...and asking YOUR questions, tag @KymMcNicholas

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      Moderating your questions & Comments...

      And answering questions about YOUR symptoms, tag NURSE @StephanieRN!

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