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    2021 Peripheral Artery Disease Patient Conference

    What you need to know to thrive!

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    KEYNOTE: P.A.D. Power

    Dr. Paul Michael

    The growing Peripheral Artery Disease Epidemic

    P.A.D. definition

    Greatest risk factors

    Conflicts in diagnosis

    Varying treatment options

    How to choose the right vascular specialist, title or skillset | Vascular Surgeon. Interventional Cardiologist, Interventional Radiologist

    The importance of developing a multidisciplinary team



    I Got Tested for P.A.D. Help Me Understand the Results!

    Understanding The ABI and Ultrasound Results

    Jill Sommerset

    Registered Vascular Technologist | Technical Director

    PeaceHealth Thoracic and Vascular Surgery

    Angiogram Basics

    Dr. Mary Costantino teams up with Dr. Michael Cumming from Rochester, Minnesota to walk you through the basics of an angiogram.

    Frontline Therapy | What's in your Medicine Cabinet?

    Dr. Avni Kardani

    Diet and Supplements

    Dr. Adriane Hines

    Frontline therapy for P.A.D. includes diet. How do you choose the best diet for you?

    Heart Healthy Friendly Dessert Demo!

    Chef Sara | P.A.D. Warrior

    One of the toughest things with her P.A.D. diagnosis was giving up dessert. Sara's dessert craving led her to put on her Chef's hat again and she's going to share how to make one of her favorite simple heart healthy desserts.

    "Save My Piggies" | Smoking Cessation

    Dr. John Phillips

    Ohio Health


    Dr. John Phillips explains the impact of smoking on your arteries. He also talks to P.A.D. Warrior Bonnie about why she continued to smoke despite her diagnosis and what ultimately was the catalyst for smoking cessation.

    Symptoms That Mimic PAD

    Dr. Ashish Gupta

    Interventional Cardiologist


    It's important to understand that even if you are diagnosed with PAD, it might not be responsible for all of your discomfort. It's important to understand your symptoms. Dr. Gupta will offer easy ways to determine PAD pain vs that caused by other ailments and how to discuss with your doctor.

    P.A.D. vs. P.V.D.

    Dr. Sid Rao

    Interventional Cardiologist

    Treating P.A.D. | Endovascular, Bypass, & Amputation

    Treating P.A.D. | Endovascular, Bypass, & Amputation

    Dr. James Antezana

    Vascular Surgeon

    Treating P.A.D. | Endovascular, Bypass, & Amputation

    Wande Pratt

    Vascular Surgeon

    New "Hail Mary" Techniques to Prevent Amputation

    Pedal Loop Revascularization

    Dr. John Rundback

    Interventional Radiologist

    American Endovascular

    Deep Vein Arterialization (DVA)

    Zola N'Dandu

    Interventional Cardiologist


    New Orleans, Louisiana


    P.A.D. Warriors Tell All

    More than a dozen P.A.D. Warriors share their stories as well as what physicians, industry, and researchers need to know.

    "P.A.D. Warriors Tell All" Co-host

    Dr. Fadi Saab

    Advanced Cardiac Centers

    Lansing, Michigan

    Dr. Fadi Saab and fellow vascular specialists talk to a panel of patients about what physicians don't know about P.A.D. and should.

    "P.A.D. Warriors Tell All" Co-host

    Rodney |P.A.D. Warrior

    "P.A.D. Warriors Tell All" Co-host

    Nurse Practitioner Kay Smith | P.A.D. Warrior

    "P.A.D. Warriors Tell All" Co-host

    The Way To My Heart P.A.D. Warrior Advisory Panel Chairman | P.A.D. Warrior

    P.A.D. Warrior Doug


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