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    My Steps Free "Structured" Walking Program vs. Supervised Exercise Therapy (SET)

    "Supervised exercise (therapy, SET), often prescribed to patients at risk for peripheral arterial disease, requires a $10 to $20 co-pay each for a dozen visits to a rehabilitation center that might be an hour's drive away. For someone without easy access, making $32,000 a year, such a regimen is likely to be impossible, Foluso Fakorede said. Government insurance won't reimburse for at-home supervised exercise, which would solve the problem." ~ USA Today Reporter Karen Weintraub


    My Steps Benefits

    ✔️No Co-pay


    ✔️No Time Constraints

    ✔️A Patient's Doctor/Clinician supervises the patient

    ✔️A Patient's Doctor has access to all walking data

    ✔️Community walking support for patients

    ✔️Comprehensive walking education via GPAD Navigators

  • How My Steps Works

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    Prescribe Walking

    Physician/Clinician Fills out sign-up form.


    Take/Text Picture

    Assist patient in taking a snapshot of sign-up form on their phone and text immediately to

    (415) 320-7138.


    GPAD Follows Up

    Global PAD Association Navigators follow-up with patient within 24 hours to complete enrollement.


    Patients Walk

    Patients receive daily reminders to walk and instructions on how to participate.


    You Monitor

    Patients and Physicians can monitor progress via the My Steps Dashboard.

  • How Patients Track Walking:

    How YOU Sign-Up:

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  • How To Sign Up Patients:

    1. Order prescription pads and/or walking information brochures complete with patient sign-up form.


    2. Request a PDF of prescription pad and/or walking information brochures to print on your own.

  • Prescription PAD Options

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    We will customize free and send PDFs free. We will print and send to you at-cost as well. We are a 501c3.