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  • 2020 AGENDA

      Keynote: Why the Diabetes Epidemic is a Vascular Disaster

      Dr. Paul Michael

      Palm Beach Heart & Vascular

      Diabetes is a global epidemic that is leading to a dramatic increase in one of the most debilitating diseases most have never heard of but soon will - Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). Nearly 200,000 amputations are performed annually due to PAD and more than 60% of those are in patients with Diabetes. Dr. Paul Michael will paint the picture of what the near future is going to look like if Diabetes isn't controlled and doctors continue to brush off PAD as "Neuropathy" "Just part of aging" and "poor circulation."


      Dr. Paul Michael was recently recognized by the American Diabetes Association for his advanced skillset in Diabetic foot care as he was named Communications Director for the ADA's Foot Care Interest Group Leadership Team. Leadership Teams consist of ADA professional members who have demonstrated notable achievements in and dedication toward specific areas of diabetes research and clinical practice. They're critical in helping the ADA develop strategies around research and care in these areas.

      Diabetes | PAD Awareness

      "Lifetime Achievement Award" Presentation

      Mary L. Yost

      One of the earliest to raise awareness at scale on the connection between Diabetes and PAD is Mary L. Yost. Her research is the most widely used and quoted in justifying increased medical and innovative attention for Peripheral Artery Disease, one of the most debilitating diseases, Peripheral Artery Disease. The Sage Group’s Diabetes Method, which is believed to offer the most accurate estimates of the number of people with PAD, CLI, intermittent claudication, and asymptomatic disease is used around the world and has had a profound impact on raising awareness about just how widespread the disease is and has triggered more attention from the medical community on the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. Even more, her data has sparked new innovation, which has helped improve patient outcomes in the last decade. And most recently, her costs & consequences analysis of diagnosis and treatment options for PAD has led to global movement to reduce the number of amputations and help patients to live a better quality of life.


      For her nearly two decades of commitment and impact on PAD patient outcomes through her research, we are excited to present The Way To My Heart’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” to Mary Yost for her unmatched efforts in Diabetes | PAD Awareness.

      Session 1: Leave the Yes Sirs & Yes Ma'ams Behind & Stand up for Your Health

      The Reality of Racism and Diabetes/PAD | Strategies to Democratize Healthcare | Options for Patients

      Session 2: I have Neuropathy, so how do I know if it's PAD?

      The truth about Neuropathy & the result of leaving the root cause undiagnosed.


      Dr. Wande Pratt & Dr. Stephen Leschak

      Session 3: I have Diabetes, How do I prevent & detect ulcers? And if I have one, what's next?

      60% of PAD amputations are a direct result of undiagnosed & untreated Diabetic Ulcers.

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      Coordinated Care for Diabetic Ulcer Treatment

      Dr. Stacia Jones


      Session 4: Making the Impossible, Possible - When Your Doctor Says There's No Hope...

      Panel Moderator: The Way To My Heart's "2020 Global Vascular Specialist of the Year"

      Dr. Lorenzo Patrone

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      "Can we treat everyone, everywhere?"

      Dr. Lorenzo Patrone

      Consultant Vascular Interventional Radiologist

      West London Vascular & Interventional Centre

      A diabetic foot ulcer is the initial event in more than 85% of major amputations that are performed on people with diabetes Type 2. Diabetic ulcers burden 15% of people with diabetes, and often lead to infection and hospitalization! With such high risk, it's important to know the warning signs, diagnosis and treatment options to keep you from hospitalization, and ultimately ulcer free! Dr. Patrone will lead a small panel that will discuss everything you need to know.

      "To Sepsis and Back"


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      Dr. Alexander Wee

      Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

      "Where there is blood, there is life!"

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      Dr. August Ysa
      Consultant Vascular Surgeon



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      Dr. Alberto Antonietti

      Consultant Interventional Radiologist

      Session 5: Diabetic Foot Revascularization Case Studies

      A Vascular Specialist shares complex cases in which they were able to restore blood flow to save life & limb.

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      Most vascular specialists are not skilled in restoring blood flow in vessels below-the-knee, making that high amputation rate an unfortunate reality. Patients must rise up and expect more from their Vascular Specialists but sometimes they have to see what's possible to stand up for it. Florida Cardiology's Dr. Ashish Gupta, The Way To My Heart's "2020 Patient Champion," will share some of his most complex cases that emphasize the importance of not only having the skills to revascularize the smaller vessels below-the-knee, but also the "pedal loop" in the artch of the foot to ensure flow clear to the toes.

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      Dr. Ashish Gupta

      Interventional Cardiologist

      Florida Cardiology

      Session 5: Understanding Critical Limb Threatening Ischemia

      Researchers and patients discuss the critical gap between what PAD sufferers experience and available solutions.

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      Dr. David Armstrong leads a panel of experts in a candid discussion with friends who have Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). Friends with PAD will share the struggles they have faced in their journey from diagosis to treatment and what doctors and researchers need to know about improving patient outcomes and helping them to live a better quality of life. Putting patients front and center in this discussion is critical to reducing the nearly 200,000 needless amputations.


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      Dr. Oliver Aalami


      Stanford University

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      William Watson

      Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Spectrum Antimicrobials, Inc.

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      Dr. Charles de Mestrel

      Vascular Surgeon, St. Michael’s Hospital

      Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

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      Jason Costello, McS

      "Patient Journey Map of PAD" Project

      School of Medical Device Innovation

      National College of Art & Design, Dublin

      Session 6: The Blood Test EVERY Diabetic Should Get To Understand Their Vascular Risk

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      I have Diabetes but I don't know if I'm at-risk for PAD/CVD?

      Jani Tuomi

      Co-Founder of imaware.health

      You have diabetes....but does that mean you are at risk for PAD/CVD? Jani Tuomi shares insight on the blood test all diabetics should get to understand their risk, and will discuss how vitamin-e could be helping or harming you!

      Session 7: My Doctor Says, "Eat Healthy," But I can't!!!

      Discussion about possible solutions and available resources to support people who struggle with food insecurity.


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      The Role of Food Insecurity In Diabetes & PAD

      Kathryn Faull

      The Way To My Heart Senior Advisor, HealthCare Policy & Food Insecurity

      Doctors say, 'Eat healthy." They sign-up people with Diabetes & PAD for rehab programs that discuss eating a healthier diet, but they don't consider accessibility and affordability. So, while 'eating healthy' sounds good in concept, it is not feasible for many who struggle with food insecurity. Our panel, hosted by Kathryn Faull, will discuss easy-to-access resources and solutions for people who have been unable to comply with doctor's orders.

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      Rhonda Gonzalez

      Director of Health Initiatives

      Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona (CFB)

      The free food resources available to patients struggling to afford healthy eats.

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      Heather Andrews

      "The Thoughtful Gardener"

      Secrets to growing your own healthful eats whether on a windowsill, front porch, or backyard.

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      Sarah Brandow

      Nutritionist, Vitabowl

      Director, The Eden Project Belize

      The key nutrients you need to manage diabetes and vascular diseases if on a budget.

      Session 8: Seeking the Healthy Gems | Replacing an American Staple: Bread

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      Make it at home... or simply order online.

      Jeanne David


      Outer Aisle


      Simple healthy ingredients can replace the American favorite, bread. How cauliflower is the new staple in healthier hearty diets.

      Session 9: Understanding Diabetic & Vascular Diet Options

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      A Short-term Fix May Not Be The Best Long-Term Solution

      Dr. Adriane Hines

      Wellspring Natural Medicine

      The Way To My Heart Chief Wellness Doctor

      Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Raw, Vegan, and more! Everyone has an opinion and 'clinical research' to support their notion that their diet is the best. But what diet is best for you? Be careful because diets boasting their reversal of diabetes may not be the best option for your long-term vascular health. What you need to know in order to discuss with your doctor what diet that's best for you.

      Session 10: Stress Reduction Meditation to Reduce Plaque-Causing Inflammation

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      The Quick 3 Minute Healing Mind & Body Exercise

      Coach Susan Davis

      We will finish off the conference with a discussion about the impact of stress on our vascular health. Coach Susan will share with us quick and easy techniques to immediately reduce your stress causing inflammation.

      Session 11: 10-Minutes to Improve Circulation!

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      Easy Exercises To Get Blood Flowing!

      Marci Silverberg, MPT

      The Way To My Heart Senior Advisor, Physical Therapy shares some exercises you can do every single day to get into the flow! Always check with your healthcare team before trying any exercises offered by Marci Silverberg to ensure they're right for you.

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