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  • Why "Come To Our Table?" 

    We've been advocating for a seat at the table. But we recognize that one seat represents only a single voice. To enact the meaningful change we aspire to achieve, we require more than token representation. A chorus of diverse voices, reflecting varied backgrounds and socioeconomic perspectives, is essential for authentic and effective change. Designing for a community demands the collective input of that community. Therefore, we invite you to "Come To Our Table", where we can amplify the collective voice of the community, fostering true inclusivity and the change we all want to see.


    Our DEI Committee meets weekly, extending an open invitation to industry leaders, physicians, clinicians, researchers, and media professionals to engage in collaborative dialogue. Together, we aim to catalyze the transformative change we collectively aspire to see in the healthcare landscape. With an expanding coalition of nearly two dozen dedicated individuals of diverse backgrounds, our platform is a catalyst for converting innovative ideas into tangible actions and profound impact. We are committed to uniting with all those who share our mission to enhance patient care and drive meaningful progress in healthcare.

  • "Come To Our Table" For:


    Engage with us to shape the future of healthcare. Bring your opportunities for patients to join your study design advisory boards. Invite us to actively participate in your trials and rally our community to join forces in this pivotal journey. Come to our table and present these opportunities that help define gaps in care and provide solutions!


    Seeking effective outreach to communities of color and impactful messaging for heightened awareness and engagement? Share your projects and objectives with us and receive real-time feedback from our DEI Advisory Board.


    Are you seeking to amplify the voices of patients of color, drive awareness, and foster tangible change, ultimately leading to a reduction in amputations? Come to our table and present opportunities for patient involvement in seminars, media, and conferences (virtual or in-person), empowering us to elevate the narratives and experiences of people of color impacted by PAD.

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    It's not an endorsement for your project.

    It's a confirmation of your committment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion when you "Come To Our Table!"

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  • "Come To Our Table"

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    As amputations continue to rise, particularly within the African American community, the Global PAD Association is proud to announce the launch of a four-part event series, "PAD: The Lived African American Experience," aimed ataddressing and combatting the striking disparities in amputation rates.

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