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    Heart Disease | PAD Patient Conference


    FEBRUARY 19, 2022


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    Opening Keynote | PAD & CAD: Two sides of the same coin

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    Dr. Craig Walker


    Closing Keynote | Right Questions + Right Treatment = Better Patient Outcomes

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    Dr. Zagum Bhatti

    Before joining the Modern Vascular team, Dr. Bhatti served as Clinical Instructor and Assistant Professor of VIR at University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston. He was also Medical Director of VIR at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital and Assistant Program Director for the Integrated VIR residency program at UT. He has trained numerous residents and fellows and presented at national and international meetings. Dr. Bhatti is an expert in the treatment of arterial and venous disorders. His focus currently is amputation prevention and improving the quality of life of patients living with PAD.

  • Case Studies: Get a Second Opinion LIVE!!!

    Moderator: Dr. Raj Dave | Head of Cardiology | Geisinger Holy Spirit Hospital

    Ask YOUR Questions: Email Kym@TheWayToMyHeart.org to secure your spot! 3 Left!

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    Dr. Raj Dave

    Head of Cardiology

    Geisinger Holy Spirit Hospital

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    Dr. Parag Doshi

    Founding Director

    Chicago Cardiology Institute

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    Dr Nilesh Balar

    Bronx, New York

  • Diagnostics to Discuss with Your Doctor

    The Way To My Heart's 2020 "Patient Champion" Dr. Ashish Gupta | Interventional Cardiologist | Florida Cardiology

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    Basic Diagnostics

    Say, "Hey Doc..."

    • Check my Carotids
    • Check my leg pulses
    • Check my heart for Afib!

    Advanced Diagnostics

    Say, "Hey Doc..."

    • Check the structure of my heart
    • Check my my valvular health
    • Check for plaque build-up!

    Global Vascular Doctor of the Year Presentation | No-Option Case Studies

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    Critical Bloodwork | The Truth About Supplements

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    Dr. Adriane Hines

    Internal Medicine | Functional Medicine

    • Getting to the heart of what’s damaging your arteries, leading to CAD & PAD
    • Critical Bloodwork that informs on genetics
    • Critical Bloodwork that informs on what might be causing additional artery damage?
    • Knowing this information could help slow disease progression with targeted diet, supplements, pharma.
    • Clinicians: How to interpret new advanced bloodwork and how to apply findings
    • What supplements are best for you?
    • Important supplements to help replace typically depleted micronutrients caused by statins and blood pressure medications.

    Case Studies: Using CSI Diamondback 360/Stealth 360 | Radial Access

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    Dr. Imraan Ansaarie

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    Dr. John Phillips

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    Medical Therapy | New Drugs | Side Effects | Questions To Ask Your Doctor

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    Dr. Avni Kardani


    • What are the different medications available for PAD?
    • Standard protocols for prescribing blood thinners, statins, and blood pressure meds – what patients need to know & questions to ask your doctor
    • New vascular pharmaceuticals 
    • Typical drug side effects to discuss with your doctor
    • Side effects not being discussed with patients, that should be addressed.
    • Tests to request before prescribing certain pharmaceuticals –what doctors need to know.

    The Truth About "Walking As Medicine" | A Friend With PAD's Story

    "10 Years walking... and no intervention necessary"

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    Vascular Surgeon

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    Friend With PAD | Patient Advocate

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    Better Communication = Better Patient Outcomes

    • The two sets of nonverbal signals that patients need to see.
    • Increase your ability to read body language.
    • Body language for a hybrid of in-person and virtual appointments.
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    Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D

    • Int'l keynote speaker/leadership presence coach.
    • Leadership contributor for Forbes, creator of “Body Language for Leaders” (LinkedIn Learning with over 2 million views),
    • Author of "The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can Help - or Hurt - How You Lead.”
    • Carol’s new book: "STAND OUT: How to Build Your Leadership Presence."
  • Other Sessions & Topics Include:

    • Understanding Leg pain| Statins, Neuropathy, Spine, or PAD?
    • Virtual Reality & Pain Relief | A Patient's Story
    • Patients As Partners: REAL Stories | Real Lessons
    • No More 'Diets!' Foods That Lower Blood Sugar & Improve Vascular Health
    • Love Your Heart | Love Your Legs | How To Balance Stress For Artery Health

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