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    Meet WORLD RENOWNED Interventional Cardiologist

    Dr. Jihad "Jay" Mustapha

    In his keynote address he shares why more general practitioners and nurse practitioners need to be trained on advanced techniques for diagnosing vascular diseases. He also discusses the Supervised Exercise Therapy (SET) program , covered by medicare to support Peripheral Artery Disease Rehab as is done with Cardio Rehab

    Dr. Jay Mustapha is a pioneer in the field of Interventional Cardiology, whether it's in the coronary arteries or peripheral vessels.


    He is highly regarded as a thought leader with his peers presenting influential research that defines much of what many practice today and will adopt in the future.

    In his keynote address, he will share why it's important to diagnose both Heart Disease & Peripheral Artery Disease in its earliest stages.










    Dr. David Allie has more than 34 years experience treating patients from around the world, specializing in complications of peripheral vascular disease (CLI) and limb salvage.

    Dr. Allie is highly regarded by his peers having trained more than 2000 physicians and an additional 4000 healthcare providers over the last 17 years during his many endovascular training courses in limb salvage and wound care. He has also authored more than 250 articles, editorials, abstracts and book chapters in multidisciplinary educational journals, and has delivered more than 500 invited lectures, presentations and abstracts at multiple national and international multidisciplinary conferences.

    Dr. Allie is always on the cutting-edge of what's new and next having sat on or is sitting on the Boards of more than 25 major medical and/or medical companies involved with the development of new cardiovascular, diabetes and wound care technologies.

  • Keynote

    Meet WORLD RENOWNED Pioneer In Reversing Heart Disease

    Dr. Dean Ornish

    The Way To My Heart's "2020 Innovator of the Year," Heart Disease Treatment

    How To Prevent Heart Attacks, Stroke, And Amputation EVERY DAY

    No medicine |No Surgery

    Lifestyle changes and compliance to them is the #1 problem with the #1 killer! Dr. Dean Ornish has solved that problem and is scaling his solution, and fast!


    Dr. Dean Ornish is world renowned in successful approach to tackling the #1 killer, Heart Disease. His programs are based on more than 35 years of clinical research and are proven effective in preventing and slowing the progression of Heart Disease. Overall adherence to Dr. Ornish's Program after one year in hospitals and clinics that have offered it has been 85%-90%!


    He shares some of tips proven to be most effective in making a significant difference in artery health!

  • How To Create Heart Healthy Meals At Home

    Meet Google's Original Chef | Apple's Steve Jobs Fav Chef
    Grateful Dead's Fav Chef | Author
    Chef Charlie Ayers

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    Chef Charlie Ayers' talents are embraced by tech executives throughout Silicon Valley and celebrated by media around the world. He has also been a sought after Chef by the Grateful Dead. And during Apple's Steve Jobs' final years, Chef Ayers held his favorite table and cooked some of his favorite meals.

    Chef Ayers closed his restaurant Cafe Calafia to become a pioneer in the new culinary age, working restaurant robotics and vegan creation.


    Get ready to learn quick and easy chef hacks to make eating healthy easier.

    He will be taking recipes straight from the world renowned "Ornish Diet" and bringing them home to you!

  • Critical Bloodwork To Find Out "Why"
    Am I At Risk for plaque build-up|What's causing plaque build-up?

    The Bloodwork you need to ask your doctor to order to get to the root cause of artery damaging inflammation.

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    Dr. Adriane Hines works with Chronic Illness patients across America, getting to the root cause of their plaque build-up.

    She works with patients to perform advanced testing, find out what's triggering artery damaging inflammation, and mapping out a plan to reduce artery trauma.

    During this segment, Dr. Hines will share critical bloodwork to discuss with your doctor. It includes blood markers that give more insight into the size and number of LDL particles in your blood, your glucose resistance, cholesterol reabsorption, plaque stability, B absporption, and more.

  • Critical Imaging To Get Diagnosed

    You've got to see it to believe it!
    40% of heart attacks show no signs or symptoms.
    3 in 5 people heart attack sufferers have plaque build-up in their legs.
    Here's how doctors discover not only what's in your heart, but also what's in your legs so there are no surprises.

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    Dr. Lawrence Schmetterer will walk us through every type of imaging critical to understanding your risk for heart attack, stroke, amputation.


    He will walk us through basic to advanced testing to determine if and where your arteries may be restricted.

    He will also will share critical questions to ask your doctor along the way.

    What if your doctor says your ABI Test comes out negative and you still experience pain and are diabetic, what next?

    What if you believe you believe you might be at-risk of heart attack and your doctor says you don't have common risk factors, what imaging should you request anyway?

  • Your doctor says, "It's Time for an Angiogram"

    What is an Angiogram?
    What tools are used?
    What are the critical questions to ask my doctor before any Angiogram?
    How do I find out whether the tools used by my doctor are cutting-edge and best for me?

    What happens during an Angiogram

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    Learn about Angiogram Tool Safety

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  • 10 Minutes To Move

    You'll never miss a day with this quick & easy fitness routine that works your mind & body.

    During this segment, O Magazine's "Go-To Guy for anything about the body, Michael Gonzalez-Wallace is going to share with us the key exercises to strengthen your mind and body.


    It's really important when you are trying to get motivated, to have something fun to look forward to when you move!


    Wear something comfortable so you can get up and move! Michael has the most contagious energy and some of the most fun exercises guaranteeing that you will look forward to doing this new fitness routine every single day!

  • The Emotional Connection

    Get a handle on YOUR mind & body connection to reduce artery-damaging inflammation

    ...with olympic wellness coach

    Susan Davis

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  • 2020 Innovators Of The Year

    Meet the Innovators and hear about their game-changing innovation
    poised to help eliminate #1 killer!

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    CEO's of our TOP Heart Health Innovators of 2020 Will Share their Award-Winning Products & Answer YOUR Questions.

    Diagnostic Innovation Winner: Eko

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    Social Innovation Winner: Innit

    Gourmet Eating at Your Fingertips!

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    Food Innovation Winner: RightRice

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    Dietician Melissa Shows You How to Cook Up a Heart-Healthy RightRice Recipe!

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