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Driving Factors for Change in Healthcare

Episode 1

· Heart of Innovation

What is The Heart ofInnovation? In this first episode, Co-Hosts Emmy Award-winning
Journalist/Patient Navigator Kym McNicholas and Interventional Cardiologist Dr.
John Phillips talk about the catalysts for creating change in healthcare
through this radio show/podcast. We specifically address vascular diseases with
Heart Disease remaining the #1 killer and the many associated ailments which
contribute to vascular complications whether it’s diabetes, autoimmune
disorders, COVID-19, Peripheral Artery Disease, stroke, aneurysm, or others. Dr.
Phillips And Kym explain their passion for specifically addressing Peripheral Artery
Disease (P.A.D.), which is restricted blood flow in mainly the leg arteries due
to plaque build-up, that impacts three-in-five heart attack sufferers and
one-in-five over age 60.

Dr. Phillips started outhis career focusing on unblocking arteries in the heart but has since expanded
his practice to include using the same type of tools and techniques to unblock
arteries in the legs and prevent amputations. He found that patients would come
to him for second opinions after a physician would say they have no option but
amputation, and his advanced skillset could save their legs. To encourage all
patients to get that very important second opinion from a physician with an
advanced skillset, he started the Save My Piggies p podcast, featuring patients
telling their stories to inspire other patients to fight for their legs and not
settle for amputation.

Kym shifted her career from journalist to P.A.D. Navigator, starting The Way To My Heart (501(c)(3)
non-profit) after covering a story on a new device designed to unblock
arteries. For the story, she traveled to nearly a dozen countries and more than
thirty states, watching hundreds of doctors perform thousands of hours of
procedures to unblock arteries using advanced minimally invasive tools and
techniques as well as traditional approaches such as bypass and amputation. It
was during her global journey that she learned that different doctors have
different tools and techniques that dictate different patient outcomes. For
example, one patient may get their leg saved by one doctor, while another
patient with the same presentation of disease is getting their leg amputated by

Listen to the show at this link to hear the details of their journeys and more about what you can
expect each week on this show, which encourages doctors, patients, researchers,
innovators, decision-makers, and all healthcare professionals to have a candid
discussion about how to shape the future of care and improve outcomes for
patients with vascular diseases. One patient called in during this episode as
well as an advanced skilled Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Fadi Saab, who
both shared the same message that it’s important for patients and physicians
alike to understand what’s new and next in the treatment of vascular disease in
order to improve outcomes.

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