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A New Radio Show Aims to Save 

Life and tImb

· The Way To My Heart


By The Way To My Heart founder Kym McNicholas

This just might be our boldest effort yet to reduce amputations!

The Way To My Heart, in partnership with Cardiovascular Systems, Inc's patient advocacy campaign Take A Stand Against Amputation, are launching a new broadcast and podcast called, "The Heart of Innovation."

The Heart of Innovation is about sharing life & limb saving ideas and the practical implementation of those ideas to improve the quality of life of patients around the world who are at-risk of and suffer from diseases that impact the vascular system.

The Heart of Innovation is truly purpose-driven.

Vascular disease is personal to me, as a co-host on this new endeavor.

Not only do I immerse myself in the fight for life and limb daily for Peripheral Artery Disease (P.A.D.) patients around the world, but also at home.

I lost my mom unexpectedly to an aneurysm not more than two months ago. We were devastated (still are) and that doesn't even begin to cover the sentiment.

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My dad has heart disease and has been through three heart cath procedures.

My younger brother has two aneurysms on watch and a bicuspid valve defect with a full open heart procedure inevitable in the next two years.

My grandfather passed away due to an infection in an aortic graft placed for restricted blood flow related to P.A.D. and diabetes.

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Now, I'm due for a full cardiovascular work-up due to family history.

I know I'm not alone. Everyone knows someone at-risk of or suffering from a vascular-related disorder. It might even be them. And it's so easy to suddenly feel lost and not in control of your life or those you love upon any diagnosis. It's even worse when you or your loved ones have symptoms that no one can explain upon initial complaints. Then they pass, and suddenly 20/20 hindsight makes physicians realize that the aneurysm was in fact in plain sight.

There's just so much that so many of us don't know....not even doctors.

No one can know everything, especially when innovation in healthcare is moving at the speed of light, both from a diagnostic standpoint as well as treatments.

But we're going to try.

The Heart of Innovation aims to bring this information direct-to-patients and facilitate a conversation around it between patients, doctors, clinicians, industry, innovators, lawmakers, and more.

The Heart of Innovation will air LIVE on KTRB 860AM The Answer, a radio station in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is the #6 largest market in terms of households, according to the Nielsen media rankings. The show will simulcast online on the station's website as well as across The Way To My Heart's network of more than 11,000 patients globally. Syndication is through The Innovators.Network, Apple's iTunes, iHeart Radio, and Google Play. We are also looking at syndication opportunities on some of the most popular stations in high-risk communities.

The Heart of Innovation came about when an executive at my former radio station, where I had a popular innovation program a few years ago, reached out to me asking if I'd be interested in coming back and hosting a live call-in show on healthcare to be broadcast on a new station they acquired, 860 The Answer (KTRB).

Of course I said, "Yes!"

I then immediately reached out to recruit Dr. John Phillips as a co-host. He not only is an advanced skilled interventional cardiologist, but he also hosts "Save My Piggies," a popular podcast series in The Way To My Heart's network, which features patients alongside their physician sharing their journey with P.A.D., restricted flow in mainly the leg arteries due to some type of plaque build-up. This series will now be broadcast during "The Heart of Innovation" as well.

What's unique about this program is the emphasis on patient engagement and participation. We believe that candid, real-life patient experiences are an integral part of shaping the now and future of healthcare. Patients are also a powerful voice in helping to inspire other patients to take steps for a better quality of life. They'll not only be invited to share their stories on The Heart of Innovation, but they'll discuss gaps in care and ideas to close them. Even more, patients will have the opportunity to call-in and ask questions of not only Dr. Phillips, but a rotating list of guest physicians across various specialties, entrepreneurs, healthcare change-makers, and more. The live call-in aspect of the show expands the conversation about life and limb saving realities and opportunities like never before. It also democratizes access for many patients who desire more information about diagnostic and treatment options or critical questions to discuss with their own healthcare team. Additional clinicians will be available online to provide real-time support for listeners tuning in on the web.

At The Way To My Heart, our primary focus is on reducing amputations for patients with Peripheral Artery Disease (P.A.D.). But the entire show can't be about that. A wise mentor once told me,

"The best way to create impact is to reach people where they are, and guide them where you want them to be."

So, during the shows that feature a wide variety of other related topics, we are producing short educational spots, which will run during the broadcast as 'commercial breaks,' which are specific to P.A.D. in partnership with CSI's Take A Stand Against Amputation! Other regular educational spots will cover mindfulness, healthy eating, diabetic foot and wound care, and more. We invite physicians and industry from around the world to participate in these segments! Reach out to to discuss ideas, parameters, and format.

We also invite change-makers, physicians, industry, and other non-profits to partner with us and participate in the show. We are covering innovation around P.A.D, Heart Disease, aneurysms, Diabetes, auto-immune disorders, and more --- all as they relate to the vascular system. But we also are covering overriding healthcare topics such as equity, insurance, mental health, and physician shortages, helping patients to understand the healthcare landscape and how to navigate around it.

We have 144 shows over three years to fill! So, don't hesitate to reach out to to pitch ideas and offer support.

Let's save life & limb together!

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