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    95% of PAD & Diabetic Ulcer related amputations are PREVENTABLE


    "OMG this doctor is amazing. He was able to completely unblock his right leg and said there should never be a reason for him to lose any part of the leg in the future. I'm only sad we didn't know this before. I'm angry at his surgeon back home. Thank you for giving us hope and connecting us with Dr. R. You are both gems. Thank God for each of you."

    ~ Victoria (wife of a P.A.D. Warrior who's leg was saved)


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    The amputation epidemic is very real in this country and around the world. Every 20 seconds someone, somewhere loses a limb due to diabetic complications, namely PAD.

    𝓦𝓱𝔂 𝓭𝓸𝓮𝓼 𝓲𝓽 𝓮𝔁𝓲𝓼𝓽?

    This article is intended to inspire better patient care, not to criticize it. At The Way To My Heart, we believe that every patient deserves a better quality of life. So, we are committed to fighting for life and limb, putting an end to needless amputations!


    Learn About PAD's Link To Heart Disease!

    3 in 5 heart attack sufferers have Peripheral Artery Disease


    FEBRUARY 19, 2022


    Watch a replay of our Heart Disease | PAD Patient Conference below:

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    2020-21 Leg Savers of the Year

    For this award, patients nominated Vascular Specialists who saved their life & limb:


    Dr. Athar Ansari | California Heart & Vascular Clinic | PATIENT NOMINATION VIDEO


    Dr. Jihad Mustapha |Advanced Cardiac & Vascular | PATIENT NOMINATION VIDEO


    2020 PAD Awareness Month "Patient Champion": Dr. Ashish Gupta | AWARD VIDEO


    2020 GLOBAL Vascular Doctor of the Year: Dr. Lorenzo Patrone: READ ARTICLE

    Eden Project Belize Partnership: Expanding Efforts to Tackle Top Killer

    50% of heart attack sufferers ...have normal cholesterol?


    Goodbye Hospitals

    Hello OBLs/ASC's


    Vascular Spotlight by Vascular Cures

    Vascular Cures Chairman: Ed Yu

    The Missing Piece in Healthcare Innovation: Patients

    It is an exciting time of healthcare innovation with investors doubling down this year. According to, total healthcare funding is up nearly 19% from the same period a year ago to $9.1 billion. Will all of this investment in innovation translate into better patient outcomes? Vascular Cures Chairman Ed Yu is committed to turning innovation into a conversation that puts patients before profits to create a sustainable long-term impact on global health. Watch this interview to better understand the critical stakeholders who must be at the table to create a sustainable impact in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and long-term management of vascular diseases.

    Dermaflow: CEO Irene Jaffe, PhD

    New Early Detection for Peripheral Artery Disease

    Dermaflow's CEO explains how how they've applied electronic measuring systems used in other heavy industries such as oil, in the medical industry. DermaFlow's initial market is to measure peripheral blood flow. To be able to monitor the peripheral blood flow and correlate its changes to a specific disease state or health condition provides a HUGE advantage for early detection of deterioration over a broad medical platform. Dermaflow's suite of products are designed to help doctors in-office and patients remotely to spot insufficient blood flow in the lower limbs in even seemingly healthy patients.

    Alucent: CEO Myles Greenberg

    New Technology Designed To Make 'Stents' Obsolete

    Alucent has designed a more natural option to keep the vessel open. It's one that’s activated by a deep blue light that creates a scaffolding inside the vessel to keep it open. In this interview, CEO Dr. Myles Greenberg explains how they're going to use an additional raise of $35 million dollars to support clinical trials, one of which has recently begun.

  • Patient Stories

    "Save My Piggies" Podcast

    Host: Dr. John Phillips

    Save My Piggies is a podcast for patients by patients hosted by "Leg Saver" Dr. John Phillips. Patients share their stories of perseverance to inspire others who have Peripheral Artery Disease to always get a second opinion, to seek options beyond amputation, and to take their health into their own hands by making critical lifestyle modifications that could safe life & limb.

    Episode 1: Meet "Kim"

    How Kim saved her 'other' leg from amputation

    "If I were to do it all over again I wouldn't have settled for amputation. I would've gotten a second opinion."

    Episode 2: Meet "Derrick & Toni"

    Hear Derrick's Journey that took him from amputation at a large nearby hospital to an Office-Based Lab hours away where a highly skilled Interventional Cardiologist saved his foot.


    His wife, Toni, shares critical lessons learned along the way.

    Episode 3: Meet "Steve"

    "Steve" shares his successful decade-long "Walking As Medicine" treatment program.

    "It was a much better option than bypass, which I likely would've had to have re-done by now."

  • Patients As Partners by Vascular Cures!

    As part of our ongoing Vascular Innovation Series in conjunction with Vascular Cures, The Way To My Heart's Emmy Award-winning Journalist Kym McNicholas shares an impactful “Patients As Partners” discussion where physicians, innovators and patients analyze gaps in our healthcare system and solutions for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and long-term management of vascular disease that lead to better patient outcomes.

    Understanding What Really Matters to a CLTI Patient

    In this discussion, A Canadian friend with PAD impresses upon physicians the importance of listening to patients and not delaying treatment for lifestyle-limiting claudication and rest pain. Watch to the end as this inspiring woman, who thought she was only at the table to raise awareness of the experiences of CLTI Patients, gets the tables turned on her when a member of the physician panel provides a real-time revelation that could change her future.



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