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    Heart Disease | PAD Patient Conference


    FEBRUARY 19, 2022


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    Opening Keynote | PAD & CAD: Two sides of the same coin

    Opening Keynote: PAD and CAD | PAD Warrior and Nurse Practitioner Kay's Story

    Keynote Fireside Chat: Advocating for Patient-centric Care

    Dr. Alex Vesey, Scotland

    Wellness Keynote: Getting to the Heart of PAD and CAD

    The importance of advanced bloodwork to determine your heart healthy diet!

    Michael Dansinger, MD

    Director, Tufts Diabetes Reversal Program

    Medical Director/Vice President of Clinical Affairs, Boston Heart Diagnostics

    Early Warning Signs of Vascular Issues | What Your Veins Tell You!

    Dr. Ali Golshan

    Interventional Radiologist, Los Angeles

    What Mimics PAD

    Dr. Sid Rao

    Interventional Cardiologist, North Carolina

  • Case Studies: Get a Second Opinion LIVE!!!

    Moderator: Dr. Raj Dave | Head of Cardiology | Geisinger Holy Spirit Hospital

    Ask YOUR Questions: Email Kym@TheWayToMyHeart.org to secure your spot! 3 Left!

  • Diagnostics to Discuss with Your Doctor

    The Way To My Heart's 2020 "Patient Champion" Dr. Ashish Gupta | Interventional Cardiologist | Florida Cardiology

    Critical Bloodwork | The Truth About Supplements

    Dr. Adriane Hines

    Internal Medicine | Functional Medicine

    • Getting to the heart of what’s damaging your arteries, leading to CAD & PAD
    • Critical Bloodwork that informs on genetics
    • Critical Bloodwork that informs on what might be causing additional artery damage?
    • Knowing this information could help slow disease progression with targeted diet, supplements, pharma.
    • Clinicians: How to interpret new advanced bloodwork and how to apply findings
    • What supplements are best for you?
    • Important supplements to help replace typically depleted micronutrients caused by statins and blood pressure medications.

    Case Studies: Using CSI Diamondback 360/Stealth 360 | Radial Access

    Dr. Imraan Ansaarie

    Dr. John Phillips

    Medical Therapy | New Drugs | Side Effects | Questions To Ask Your Doctor

    Dr. Avni Kardani


    • What are the different medications available for PAD?
    • Standard protocols for prescribing blood thinners, statins, and blood pressure meds – what patients need to know & questions to ask your doctor
    • New vascular pharmaceuticals 
    • Typical drug side effects to discuss with your doctor
    • Side effects not being discussed with patients, that should be addressed.
    • Tests to request before prescribing certain pharmaceuticals –what doctors need to know.

    The Truth About "Walking As Medicine" | A Friend With PAD's Story

    "10 Years walking... and no intervention necessary"

    Vascular Surgeon

    Friend With PAD | Patient Advocate

    Better Communication = Better Patient Outcomes

    • The two sets of nonverbal signals that patients need to see.
    • Increase your ability to read body language.
    • Body language for a hybrid of in-person and virtual appointments.

    Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D

    • Int'l keynote speaker/leadership presence coach.
    • Leadership contributor for Forbes, creator of “Body Language for Leaders” (LinkedIn Learning with over 2 million views),
    • Author of "The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can Help - or Hurt - How You Lead.”
    • Carol’s new book: "STAND OUT: How to Build Your Leadership Presence."
  • Other Sessions & Topics Include:

    • Understanding Leg pain| Statins, Neuropathy, Spine, or PAD?
    • Virtual Reality & Pain Relief | A Patient's Story
    • Patients As Partners: REAL Stories | Real Lessons
    • No More 'Diets!' Foods That Lower Blood Sugar & Improve Vascular Health
    • Love Your Heart | Love Your Legs | How To Balance Stress For Artery Health

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